Gelish Soft Gel PhD

Duration: 1 day
Kit: Not required
Model: Required
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Who is this for?
Building on the 101 Soft Gel Certification, this PhD teaches you advanced techniques and skills to complete a Gelish Soft Gel service with the confidence to tailor your services specifically to your clients’ needs.

What will this course cover?
A fun course focusing on:
• Product knowledge and understanding
• perfecting your techniques to a master level
• Tech tips for troubleshooting
• obtaining a Gelish PhD Soft Gel Global certification and be able to command higher service fees for being an expert in your field.

Time Schedule
A minimum of 6 hours’ classroom instruction with a minimum of 3 case studies with photographic evidence and analysis sheets for feedback completed before certification.

You can request in salon training - maximum 4 students. Send email to or press the button below to open email application.

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Dates and locations

Selected course dates and time

18.07.2024 (09:00 - 17:00)

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Gelish Soft Gel 101 Novice course completed
Gelish Soft Gel 101 Conversion course completed

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Gelish Soft Gel PhD

Duration: 1 day
Kit: Not required
Model: Required
Start date: 18.07.2024
Time: 09:00 - 17:00
Location: Online
£100 Excl. 20% VAT


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