Gelish Hard Gel Novice

Duration: 4 days
Kit: Required
Model: Required
£450 Excl. 20% VAT


Who is this for?
Students new to the industry with no experience and new to Hard Gel enhancement applications.

What will this course cover?
Everything needed to prepare, apply, finish, and remove Gelish Hard Gel to natural nails & Tip overlay.
• Product knowledge & understanding
• Perfect Preparation
• Tip Application
• One & Two-colour applications
• Smile Line perfection
• Filing Techniques
• Removal process

Time Schedule
A minimum of 24 hours classroom instruction - i.e. 4 days 10-4 spread over 4-6 weeks with a minimum of 3 case studies after each classroom day with photographic evidence and analysis sheets for feedback completed before certification.

You can request in salon training - maximum 4 students. Send email to or press the button below to open email application.

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This is a base course, no prior knowledge required. Nail Knowledge included to be completed prior to class.

Study kits

Gelish® Hard Gel Novice / Conversion Kit Item ID: KIT10
£329.95 Excl. 20% VAT
This kit is essential for Gelish® Hard Gel Novice or Conversion courses.
Add to bundle

Gelish® 18G Plus LED Light with Comfort Cure

Gelish® Dark Pink Builder ½ oz

Gelish® Hard Gel White Builder ½ oz.

Gelish® Hard Gel Clear Builder ½ oz.

Gelish® Hard Gel Clear ½ oz.

Gelish® Hard Gel Cover Pink Builder ½ oz.

Gelish® Hard Gel French White Brush On Gel

Gelish® No Cleanse Top Coat

Perfetto Nail Tips - Natural 500ct

Secure Nail Adhesive


Gelish® Foundation

Nail Surface Cleanse 4oz

Wipe It Off™ nail wipes

Nourish cuticle oil

Gelish® 2-in 1 stir stick

Gelish® Size 6 Gel brush

Gelish® thin wooden file 240/240

Gelish® File 180/180

Gelish® File 150/150

Gelish® Buffer 100/180

Gelish® Eco/Spoon Pusher

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Gelish Hard Gel Novice

Duration: 4 days
Kit: Required
Model: Required
£450 Excl. 20% VAT


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